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    • Trim and download Youtube movies online
    • Save cropped parts to your computer
    • Export to video, audio or animated GIF
    • Take screenshots of YouTube videos
    • High cropping precision (0.1 sec)
    • Works online, no registration needed

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the difference between a free and paid account?

    Free Paid
    maximum video clip length 1 minute 20 minutes
    maximum gif clip length 10 seconds 30 seconds
    maximum audio clip length 5 minutes 60 minutes
    clip resolution low higher (can be selected)
    cut precision poor (about +/-3 seconds) good (0.1 second)
    watermark yes no
    processing time low priority queue high priority queue
    ads yes no

    How to purchase a premium/paid account?

    Click 'Register' to create an account. Then click 'My Account' and in the 'Payment' tab click the 'Buy' button.

    How to set the quality of the clip?

    You can do it only with the paid account. Just set the desired video quality in YouTube player. We'll try to produce a clip with the same quality, but it may happen that it's simply not possible.

    Why is video not available?

    It can be either inaccessible from our IP (Youtube country restrictions) or Youtube can be blocking our IP. You can wait several minutes and try again - it may or may not work then. If not, nothing can be done about it.

    How to take a screenshot of a YOUTUBE movie?

    Set the 'start time' to the frame that you want to capture. The end time is ignored, so set it to any value that will enable the download.

    What file types do you generate?

    We try to generate mp4 files for videos and m4a for audio. If for a given input it's not possible you may get some Matroska (mkv, mka) or Vorbis (ogg) files. Have a look here to find players for these file types.

    How to download a full album from YouTube and split it into songs?

    Use our sister site YTalbums.com, which does just that. You can specify a tracklist so that each song has the right name and then you can download all the songs in a ZIP archive.

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